Thursday, July 10, 2008

On a roll and then...SPLAT!

No matter how much I plan to get things done its crash and burn. Carve out a few hours to do nothing but write and then someone calls, emails or I remember something I should be doing instead and there goes the whole day.
Does this ever happen to you?
Wake up, coffee and computer. Then something on some news show or blog catches my eye. Then I have to research that and one thing leads to another and I'm off into la la land. Running around in internetland and letting valuble writing time slip away.
Damn, another day gone.
What did you do all day???


spyscribbler said...

*big sigh*

The short answer: I hooked up my computer to my stereo. The long answer is on my blog, including throbbing foot and putzing evening ruined.

I can't wait until tomorrow morning. I need a do-over.

Zoe Winters said...

Yes, yesterday I read fanfic. Like a complete nerd. But I still managed to get some productive stuff done, so I'm happy about that at least. :)

Stewart Sternberg said...

I LOVE this dog. There is nothing better than being hurfed by some large dog nose. Consider yourself lucky to have access to this dog whenever you need him. Gorgeous. Can you tell I'm a dog fanatic?

Aimless Writer said...

Spy- I hope it gets better! I couldn't ever figure out how to hook the computer to the stereo. Wow.

Zoe-Don't get me started on fan-fic. I could blow a whole day on that stuff.

Stewart- Her name is Halston (we didn't name her) and she's either really stupid or really smart. She was suppose to be a guide dog for the blind but failed out of school. I've trained a lot of dogs in my life and she's been my biggest challenge. However she is so full of love she's like living with a giant teddy bear.

Dube said...

I got involved on and it can totally eat up my day if I'm not careful! Not fun sometimes. :-/

Czenko said...

I bet you already know the answer to your question. Plain and simple, it's: Yes, yes, YES I can relate!

I feel charged, full of energy, ready to go, and then I get sucked into something...and the day is wasted, just as you said.

In fact, you can say I'm doing that right now.