Friday, July 18, 2008

US Army Tortures Pigs!

I'm not a PETA person. Sometimes I think they are little extreme but here they are right. US Army Tortures Pigs
Today on Yahoo News it was reported that the US Army is using pigs for target practise. Well, actually they are just shooting them so they can patch them back up and then they'll know what its like to sew real living tissue back together.
I have to wonder why they chose pigs? Why not cows? or maybe dogs? Did they think pigs wouldn't be as objectionable?
I'm not a big fan of pigs but this is just wrong.
Where is the Humane Society? Why aren't they screaming about animal cruelty within the US Army?
Aside from the huge animal cruelty issue what about the soldiers who have to harm these animals for no reason. Okay, some may not have an issue with this but I'm sure there are many who do view this stunt as animal cruelty and will be emotionally scarred by this stunt.
So who can stop this? The US Army isn't listening. Can we write our congresmen? Senators?
Save the pigs!


spyscribbler said...

Appalling! And heartbreaking. If doctors can learn to heal without shooting pigs, why can't the Army?

Julie Weathers said...

I'm assuming pigs are used because their tissue and skin is most like humans. Pig skin is used in grafting procedures on humans and has been for a very long time. I doubt they will be using baby pigs, as there isn't enough tissue.

While I don't support mistreatment of animals in any way, I can see the point. The medics aren't sent to medical school for ten years before they go to Iraq. This is trauma training to save lives before they get to the hospital. Most combat fatalities occur in that very small window shortly after being hit, not in hospitals under the care of fully trained doctors.