Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What could cause the dog with the loudest voice to bark at 2:30 a.m.? I've never had a dog with this big a voice. When Okalani barks it blots out all other sound in the house. In the middle of the night-everyone gets up. And what could cause Okalani to go off at this ungodly hour?
Two semi-adult (21 & 24) children trying to sneak in because they forgot their house keys.

Yawn. And I had such plans for today.

I'm into the (hopefully) final rewrite. I've got my index cards out. One chapter, one card. Just a few notes so I can "see" a timeline. It helps. Going through each page, checking grammar, punctuation and story flow. And hoping this is the last time I'm rewriting.

So, what's you're final rewrite strategy? Any hints? Tips?

PS: Okalani is over there, sacked out on her bed, sound asleep now...


Irene said...

Final rewrite?
Is there ever a FINAL rewrite?
Don't you dream about ways to change things even after you've sent the ms. off to the editor/agent?

I finish the story. I read through, change things here and there. At least one person has already read the entire thing chapter by chapter.

When I'm sick of the story and the next one screams to get out, it's done.

Zoe Winters said...

I make an outline of what I've actually got, and a list of what it needs, then I go in make the big changes, then I reread it both to myself and out loud and just keep going.

spyscribbler said...

Flow. You know me, I'm all about pacing and flow. And every time I pass a thread, I write it down, then as I'm reading, I cross it off when it's wrapped up. I hate having stray, hanging threads.

Gosh, I lock myself out of the house every two weeks.