Sunday, March 18, 2012

Formatting glitch!

I downloaded Soul Mates on my Kindle and for some weird reason some of the "o"s are coming up as 0 (zeros). Very weird. I found one word that was correct in my document and come out as a different word on the downloaded Kindle version. Close but not right.
Now we're going back to figure out if it was just weird on my Kindle or will it download incorrectly on all of them. Probably, right? So I can't blast it out to the universe right now. :( >sigh<
And I was so excited to get this up on Amazon. I did email the link to a few close friends/family as sort of a test market. One of them was my brother, an editor for a major newspaper, who already grabbed it up. In a panic, I shot him an email right away about the formatting issues because I didn't want him to think I was that stupid! or that bad a typist.
Anyone else have these formatting issues? Could it be the font? What font do you use? Tips? Hints? Aside from these issues everything else looks okay. Paragraphs are working, chapter breaks, etc. all look good.

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Charles Gramlich said...

I always download a copy to my kindle first and do a pretty close check. there are always a few glitches. I've not had this happen but have had paragraph formatting get all messed up. Sometimes you have to start with a text only file and then format everything very carefully to make sure it gets it right. Even such things as margins being different can mess you up.