Thursday, March 29, 2012


Ok, went through the Kindle copy of Soul Mates and found all the bugs. (some typos too...I'm so embarrassed!) Everything should be fixed by tomorrow if I can get my partner in this crime to move on it. Little things, nothing big, but for some reason undetectable before uploading.
I don't know if some of this was just stuff I missed or if the conversion to Kindle warped somethings. I did see some weird stuff like a few "o's" that went thought to become "0's". Now really, a zero? This was definitely s0mething that w0uld have glared 0ut from the page. Besides, numbers are s0mething I have to reach for and not the easiest thing to type repeatedly in several words without n0ticing.
A few wrong line breaks too but those were few and far between.
This is quite a journey for one little novella. I haven't really done any advertising or blasted it out to more than a few close people. One already asked me for a print copy since he doesn't have Kindle.
Now I have to consider the other options. Nook? Create Space? What do you do? Where do you find the most success?
After trying to advertise a bit I'm back to working on the next book. It's written but needs some desperate editing.

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Charles Gramlich said...

I generally publish mine on Nook as well. it's pretty easy, and you can largely use the same file as kindle.