Wednesday, March 07, 2012


I'm hoping to have my novella up on Amazon soon. I've thought about doing it somewhere in print form but not sure if it's worth it. Should I watch and see how it does as an ebook first? I'm not even sure how to do it in print yet. Smashwords? What is that other one? I forget.
I know some people who don't have kindle or nook and I'm wondering if I should do paperback or since it's a novella and only 156 pages, is it worth it?
And what about Nook? If you Kindle, do you Nook, too? I like the writing part of this business better. All this ebook publishing and paperback issues are sooo confusing. It's like a whole new world. I guess this is how the agents earn their money. All these details make my head spin.

And people think all this writing and publishing is easy. If you mention that you write people always have a book they want me to write for them, a story idea they want me to turn into a book or a genius remake of something already out there. And they'll split the profits with me. Isn't that nice? I write the book, do all the editing and stuff and they will be nice and split the cash. They don't even know if I can write or what type of books I write, but they'll make the deal with me to write their book.
They have no idea of the crap shoot writing is. If you can get the book actually written, edited, edited and edited, and sent out a ga-jillion times to publishing houses and agents you might just get a bite. And a year from now, if you're lucky, it might see print.
Now we have indy ebooking. Much better but still not a sure thing. You can get your book up but then you have to sell, sell, sell.
When people ask me to write their book I tell them to give me a complete outline and character sketch of all main characters. So far no one's gotten back to me. hmmmmm...

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Charles Gramlich said...

Create space, which is connected with Amazon, is how a lot of folks are doing their print stuff these days. There's also LULU