Monday, June 22, 2009

139,750 words...too much?

So while waiting for my editing buddy to finish my latest WIP I'm looking at a story I wrote last year but shelved. I like my story, characters and all that but the ending was flat. I absolutely hate cop-out endings in books. Like when you read a great book, a real page turner and then the ending is a WTF moment. Like what were they thinking? Where's the climax? The promised drama? The OMG ending?
So in that other story I hated that I didn't have a better ending so I shelved it.
For a year.
And now I have it! I'm real excited about my ending now and I open up the old story and realize it's over 500 pages. Ayyaakk! Could any newbie possibly interest an agent in a 500 page book?
Ugh! Now I'm going back through this story that I love with some mental scissors.
This ever happen to you?


spyscribbler said...

Not that many words, but I LOVE having too many and needing to snip. I always end up with a better story. But I so rarely do it that way. Shame on me! :-)

sex scenes at starbucks said...

I just cut over 25% out of a book last year. It reads much tighter now.