Monday, June 29, 2009

Oy! the Query Letter!

Remember back in school when you had that big test and no matter how much you studied you never felt ready? Or when you had to write an essay and every page you wrote ended up in the trash because it just didn't express what you wanted to say quite good enough?
There it is; The Query Letter.
I've got about six written, three that might be good enough and none that I actually want to send out. I've read lots of stuff on queries, had query classes at critique groups and all that stuff but still....I worry.
I've stared at my manuscript for months, I know every nuance, every little quirk and plot line but am I conveying that in the query? Am I forgetting something important because I can't see the plot for the words? Hmmmm, not sure.
I'm tempted to send it to the Query Shark and let her hack it to pieces. But then you can never be sure if she'll pick your letter.
One of the problems I have is with my bio....I'm boring, no writing credits to speak of. (too bad blogging and twittering don't count!) and my real life job has nothing to do with writing. My platform is; I like to write stories...


Charles Gramlich said...

I thought I sort of had a platform, but it hasn't helped me any. Give it a try. Maybe luck will smile!

Samantha said...
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SJDuvall said...

Here, here! I feel the same way. I even work for a book wholesale company, minored in creative writing and still I have nothing agents deem a platform.

What I'm trying to do is write short stories in the meantime and send them to magazines. That gives you publishing credits and makes it seem like you're worth giving a chance because other editors have...dunno if that helps?

Rick said...

Wait a minute- you can't be that boring. Besides, you're a writer. All writers are inherently interesting. Really. And because you're a writer, it's perfectly acceptable to glamorize yourself the way you would glamorize your wardrobe.

May I ask what genre you are writing in for this last work?

Try this- how would you like your bio to read? What would it say? I'm not bringing this up to sound like a self-help trainer. I think it's really important.

Anyway, I'm glad you brought this topic up, and I really like your blog. Unless you work for the IRS. Then I really love your blog. You did say you worked for the government, didn't you?

Aimless Writer said...

SJDuvall, You have more of a platform than me!
I was thinking of doing the short story route but haven't really pursued it yet. Maybe I should.

Aimless Writer said...

Rick, This one is a paranormal romance, not what I usually write but it just popped out of my head so I wrote it down.
When I look for an agent I want one that handles more than one genre. I also write thrillers.
But since this is one leans toward romance I guess I could say I'm a romantic at heart?
I do work for the gov but not that branch. More the part that sits around and doesn't do anything.