Sunday, June 07, 2009

Guitar Mama?

Our house has lots of instruments. Piano, French Horn, Trumpet, Sax, Violin, Banjo, two electric Guitars, one Classical and three other Guitars (but I'm not sure what they're called.)
I can't play any of them. However, I suddenly have the urge to learn.
My daughter is teaching me the basics but the one thing I'm not liking is the fact that I have to generate callouses on my finger tips. Can anyone tell me why they haven't invented something to put on your finger tips so you can play without pain???
That's the hardest part. And you have to cut your nails.
I don't want to do that but ... I will. I keep looking at them, thinking how nice they look, even, long enough, and I have to chop them off. :(
I also keep looking at the Guitars scattered around the family room. The one I play is on the coffee table. It's black and shiny. I love picking it up and running through the few cords I've been shown. (My nails still get in the way but ... soon...)
Anyone out there starting an instrument? How's it going?
Do you think there's hope at my age?
Also any help with the callous issue would be appreciated.


spyscribbler said...

LOL... there's a product called liquid bandage. I'm not sure how it'd work, but I've used it with students who have to play glissandos down the piano and aren't thrilled to get the blisters before the calluses, LOL. It's in the Band-Aid section, and it comes in a tiny little bottle. You just paint it on.

I'm not sure it will work long-term, but it could make the process a little more gradual and with a little less pain.

Erica Orloff said...

Funny, that's my goal for the summer. To learn to play guitar!