Thursday, June 25, 2009

Investigating Agents

Since I'm taking a break from writing for this week. (Okay, I've written a little bit but basically I'm off) I'm researching agents. I started with Agent Query which links me to their websites where I read the bio on the agent and their "wants". If they are accepting new clients and cover the genre of my work then I book on over to Predator's and Editors and see how they fair there. Then I make a page for them in my book. I save this for later when the query letter is perfected.
Which brings us to the dreaded Query. Some agencies have specific forms on their website to put your Query into. How do you feel about that? I'm not sure, still thinking on it. I mean if they have a square for Bio and you have none...what do you do? What if they ask for my platform? (I hate that word...platform? It's just a story with some romance.) Can anyone give me a clear definition of "platform?"
So if you find an agent who covers your genre and see on their website lots of really big writers who write in your you think its a waste to query them? I mean, maybe they have enough of that kind of writer? Or would you have a better chance there because they really, really like that kind of story?


sex scenes at starbucks said...

Don't dread your query.

Sounds like I need to have another query writing class on the blog...

sex scenes at starbucks said...

A platform is what YOU bring to the table. (You're a lawyer writing about lawyers. You're a detective writing a police procedural.)

You have a chance with any agent. Old agents take on new clients. It's all about the story for them. And yeah, it's great to be with an agent who sells a lot of romance, if you're in romance, for instance, because they've got the connections with those editors.